The House

I won a national poetry award with the poem that is in the front of my book, Asylum. 
The House 

Standing high upon a hill

Its features cold and gray

A house that held inside its walls

A child who could not play


She could not play for she was but

A prisoner in a cell

Who had to do what she was told

But never could she tell
Not only could she never tell

But never could she see

The way that other children played

The way that it should be 
To play as if a beauty queen

With make-up and a purse

Or fixing boo-boos on a doll

Just like a real life nurse
Her world was but an empty room

With flowers on the wall

To cry upon the banister

Is all she can recall
So now she’s grown and gone away

But piece she’ll never find

For terrors hidden in the house

Now hide inside her mind

Sherry Logsdon I live in Eastview Kentucky, with my husband and chocolate lab. I was born and raised in a small town in Grayson County, Kentucky. It is about an hour and a half, southwest of Louisville. I have one younger brother, also named Tim. I have three children, Ryan, Kyle, and Amy, and four grandchildren, Kyler, Kylee, and Kyndle and Rylan. After having my third child I decided to go to college and become a teacher. I graduated from Western Kentucky University (WKU – go Big Red!) with a Bachelors in Special Education and a Masters in Counseling. I have taught everything from kindergarten to high school and even a year of English at the Elizabethtown Community College. I research three passions that greatly move me. Insane Asylums – Now and Then. Women’s Rights – Suffragettes/Suffragists. Poetry – The Power of Pen and Paper.