Halloween Short Story

Prologue I knew I was dead. I was not quite sure how or why, I just knew. I had all my wits about me; yet I was dead. I tried to sense where I was. I took a deep breath but could only smell air; thick and suffocating. Nothing felt as it had felt before….

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I am starting today with an awesome blog that will contain stories and pictures of old asylums and the suffrage movement! Please check back often to catch the latest.

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It is an awful thing to live your life in fear. Instead of relishing in joy, you fill yourself with dread and fear imagining the absolute worst that could happen! 

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Dawne Gee

Our WAVE 3 tv newswoman is awesome. I attended an Inspire Women’s Conference today in ELizabethtown Ky in which Dawne Gee was the keynote speaker. Way to go Dawne!

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Have you ever known enough to get into trouble but not enough to get out of it? Well that’s me! I have tons to say but not sure how, through a blog anyway. I am sitting in Barnes and Noble reading a book about blogging. Go figure.

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