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The House

I won a national poetry award with the poem that is in the front of my book, Asylum.  The House  Standing high upon a hill Its features cold and gray A house that held inside its walls A child who could not play   She could not play for she was but A prisoner in…

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Dark Ink Press If you want to submit a magazine article or have your manuscript read to be considered for  publishing look no further! A superb group of people, myself included, will bring your writing to life. No worry of scams or losing money.  

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Essential Oils

I started writing because I was such a worrier, full of anxiety. I have now found  something that works great alongside my writing, Essential Oils. I am the worst about being a skeptic, but I swear these work. Now off to work on my writing!!!!

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Halloween Short Story

Prologue I knew I was dead. I was not quite sure how or why, I just knew. I had all my wits about me; yet I was dead. I tried to sense where I was. I took a deep breath but could only smell air; thick and suffocating. Nothing felt as it had felt before….

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I am starting today with an awesome blog that will contain stories and pictures of old asylums and the suffrage movement! Please check back often to catch the latest.

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